Belly Bollywood Intensive

Belly Bollywood Intensive


Jhankaar Dance Academy and Artistic Yoga & Pilates are proud to present a month long Specialised Belly Bollywood Intensive on Fridays & Sats 5 to 6:30 in the evening.


You will have the chance to train with Preeti D’souza. A dancer who is known for breaking the mould of body, size and age. She has trained under Veronica Simas Dsouza, Colleen Shakti, Azad Kaan, Aziza and many other grand Masters of Bellydance. She has spent the last 8 years both learning and teaching Bellydance in Mumbai.

This 12 hrs Intensive Workshop will help you *Condition your body to basic Bellydance. moves
* Posture and Control
* Combinations
* Drills
* And a Bollywood Choreography which will. inculcate all the elements along with a special surprise

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird prices

Fee :-KD 25/
Contact: Lavina 6340010
Suganda 66463197
Body Space,
Next to Senior Indian Community School.
Block 10,