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Anaya started her Yoga journey with AYP around 3.5 months  back. In the beginning we enrolled her to keep her engaged as she didn’t have much to do during the lockdown but we have to say Yoga classes which started as a mere engaging activity for my daughter has now become an integral part of her routine.

In the start, Anaya was finding it difficult to keep balance while doing different Asanas but over a period of time and with guidance of Anjali and Jithesh we have seen lot of improvement in her. Now she is more confident while doing even the advance asanas, which require lot of concentration and strength. She has been very active and has become more agile. The classes have been very engaging and exciting.

As yoga is not only about the body but also about mind and inner consciousness, we have seen lot of personality changes in Anaya. Yoga has brought a sense of calmness in her that in turn helped in building confidence and focus in whatever activity she takes part in. We are really happy with way Anaya is moving ahead and look forward to seeing her achieve greater heights.

We would like to thanks Sugandha along with entire AYP team for putting together Yoga classes for kids and making them so interesting that kids at such a young age are also engaged throughout the class that is actually a tough task. Last but not the least kudos to Sughanda for being there in the classes, pushing and encouraging the kids to do better always.
Warm Regards,
Pinky & Nitin Dikshit
Anaya’s Parents

Vinitra Vinod
10 years – Student
I, Uma Vinod, have been a regular member of AYP for 4 years now. My daughter Vinitra Vinod joined kids virtual yoga class from May 2020 .

Children’s yoga is a way to get children moving and keep calm. It includes simple movements that are safe for children to do and it also includes things like breathing techniques to help them reduce anxiety.

These are areas that many children can struggle with and as the current situation continues, helping children to find peace and patience from within can only be a good thing.

Thanks to AYP team for organising Children’s online yoga classes. Initially my daughter (Vinitra) was not interested in yoga classes.The way AYP team motivated the kids, she started liking the yoga. Now she is very comfortable and trying all the Aasanas. Now her body has become more flexible and her concentration and stamina has increased.

Instructors are too good and explaining each Aasanas and their benefits to kids. Also they are constantly monitoring & correcting postures too.

Yoga is a fantastic practice for children and their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Once again thanks to Suganda and entire AYP team??

Akshitha & Ashrith’s Mother
As I being yoga enthusiastic wanted my kids too to follow the path of healthyness through yoga…

AYP has given kids an opportunity to explore yoga apart from their school routine..
Akshitha and Aashrith had improved a lot in balancing postures and flexibility. They enjoy doing practice and try to reach the best postures possible for them…

Thank you and will forward to continued practice.


“I am a very busy professional and before I attended classes in Artistic Yoga, I always felt tired and unhappy. It seemed like something was always missing, but I didn’t know what,”
“One day one of my friend’s told me that Yoga postures and relaxation will do a world of good and I decided to give it a try” I was looking for yoga classes near Salmiya Garden. I started looking and got hold of Ms. Suganda’s number, She was very professional and welcomed me to the class which gave me confidence to attend.

“I arrived at the class on 2nd February 2017 and positioned my mat in a way that I would be able to have a good view of what was going on and made myself comfortable. The atmosphere in the room was very calm and peaceful and I instantaneously felt at ease.
With time  Iphysically felt comfortable and stronger and relaxed too. Mentally I felt an inner calm and a connection with the universe. Through various practices of Yoga and diet changes, breathing and postures as well as the application of basic moral and ethical principles, I gained a greater understanding and acceptance of my life and the world around me,”

“Today, I am a happier person. Life still continues to throw its challenges at me – there are ups and downs, but Artistic Yoga has certainly given me the tools to deal effectively with life. When I joined the class I was 70kg and by now I am 65kg which gives me more confidence to attend classes regularly.
It’s not only about reducing weight… I believe it’s more than reducing weight and gaining more confidence in ourselves.
That is why I can say that Artistic Yoga is “more than just a WORK place”

Steve Rodrigues
“I want to share my beautiful experience with Artistic Yoga & Pilates and my success story which helped me lose weight and improve my physical strength.
I have managed to lose 15 kg over a period of time and it has been a good feeling to look in better shape than ever before.
Before I joined AYP, my weight was 89 kg and I felt out of place looking over weight and not active. On looking for options to lose weight build strength, I found my right place at AYP.
First few classes it was really hard and difficult and was on verge of giving up. It is when there was support and motivation that I received from couple of new friends at AYP that encouraged me to continue it.
I started to lose weight and feeling good  It wasn’t just the weight loss in kilos, but also how flexible and active I became from practicing Yoga and Pilates.
I feel proud to be a part of AYP family as I have been given the opportunity to perform on stage on various occasions. It was also a good feeling to be a part of #LoveYourself campaign.

Last but not the least it was a golden opportunity to have attend the class with celebrity trainer Mr. Mahesh.

I want to thank Artistic Yoga and Pilates team – Suganda Menon, Subish Kannoli, Santhosh, Sherihan and many friends which I have made who have always been good motivators in this journey in guiding me and being a solid support throughout.It has been a great experience.

“I have trained with AYP since September 2014. AYP Trainers quickly identified my strengths and my weak points. Their trainers have designed a training program that has made it possible to achieve my goals and consistently pushes me to prove to myself that I can exceed my expectations.”
Mananna Joth
I feel Proud of AYP Family. They provided an opportunity to practice and perform. I loved the time when I was part of #Loveyourself campaign. Great trainers, great place.
Being a busy mother of twins and a home maker, I hardly could manage to get time for a routine workout. Finally when my girls started school I decided it was high time that I should devote some time for my health. I was introduced to AYP by a good friend Vinitha Pratish. And then, good health was just a call away. By that time I had amassed enormous weight.

I started my journey with AYP in January 2019. The initial days weren’t so easy for me. Even doing a simple forward bend was so difficult. With time and practice it became easy for me to do various poses. The constant encouragement and motivation from our mentors help us to put in our best effort to correct our poses and maintain them through the counts.

I had previously suffered from a bad tennis elbow and holding on a plank position was next to impossible. I could feel there was no strength left in my hands. Yoga helped me to strengthen my hands and now I can easily take up a plank challenge and the side planks.
Yoga has helped me improve my flexibility. I had envied my friends who could effortlessly pull up their body easily for a bow pose or a wheel pose. In the recent past I have succeeded in doing these poses. All the credits go to our dear mentors who repeatedly guide us and correct us throughout.
In due course of time there has been a noticeable change in my immunity. Previously a climate change would result in a severe migraine, cold, fever or a sprained neck. The various breathing exercises and workouts have helped me stay healthy and fit.

Eventually I have seen a drastic drop in my weight and size. I have so far shed 18 kilos. Yoga and diet helped me to loose my weight.
A big thankyou from the bottom of my heart to our yoga gurus Dr.Santosh, Jithesh and Anjali for bringing in variety of challenging and beautiful sessions everyday and motivating us to put in our best.

Thankyou dear Suganda for planning and scheduling variety of classes. They just seem tailor made to suit each and everyone’s needs. Sincerely appreciate your efforts you have taken to arrange the online classes so that we don’t miss out our regular workouts during the pandemic.

Shivagurunathan Balasubramaniam
I would like to share my experiences of my journey with ArtisticYoga & Pilates.
When I joined AYP, I was a shy, timid man who was looking for a means to get fit.  But within the span of 3 months, I had lost 8 kilos. I also felt more confident, energized and my mind was always alert and sharp. I felt great.
ShiSajid Mohd Sajid
I had cervical spondylitis which was so bad that I couldn’t move my hands; my fingers were numb and it was a bit scary. Doctors told me there is no medicine to be prescribed for spondylitis except pain killers and physiotherapy. My friend suggested me to try yoga. I had no idea about Yoga as I had never tried it in my life. Finally, I contacted Artistic yoga & Pilates, Ms.Sugantha to clear my all doubts and AYP trainers made me get back my normal life.

ALEENA & AYAN Mother Ms.Meena Khan
Dear Suganda

Its been an year that Aleena and Ayaan joined Karate, dance and yoga. Recently my eldest one Ameen joined yoga as well. Initially we had no thoughts on where they would reach but you and your team always supported and kept them going.

We’d like to thank you for giving them care and attention beyond the call of duty. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without your inspiration, guidance, and encouragement.

We have seen a big transformation in all of them. They are flexible, strong, and overall they have gained a boost in their confidence level. Your team has been instilling the values of discipline, perseverance, and hard work in all three of them.

We’re so grateful for your efforts and I couldn’t have achieved this success without your guidance.

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.” – John Wooden

You have been that coach in my kids life and we are really grateful.

Thank you

LYRA Mother Ms.Lorraine Gomes Fernandes

AYP for me has been a family affair ?

My mum and sisters joined at first and were regulars. My hubby took a break from gym workouts and joined for a brief period. I had to wait as I was pregnant at the time but took the plunge as soon as my little Lyra turned 3.

Since being a regular member of AYP for over 2 years, Lyra was only familiar with the fact that I attended something called “yoga class”

Being stuck with me at home during the lockdown, she got a chance to see exactly what my yoga classes were all about. She would watch and try to imitate, and after my class she would ask me to help her take certain postures.

So when your online classes for kids began, I immediately asked her if she would be interested. She was thrilled! And so began her own little journey with AYP ?

To her delight (and ours!) we found her to be very flexible in quite a few postures. With help and over time she has only been getting better with the more challenging ones. We can see, and she herself can feel the increase in her flexibility and strength.

She absolutely loves her classes and is eager to learn new asanas. She challenges us at home to compete and see who can do them better ? and of course with her flexibility, she wins!

Thank you Suganda and your awesome team for this initiative and for helping our kids inculcate a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly for constantly monitoring & correcting postures, motivating them and ensuring they enjoy the process ❤️

Hugo’s Yoga Experience at AYP Kuwait since June 2019
  1. I reluctantly took up Yoga in June 2018 after living and working in Kuwait for 5 years. I had gone to beach bootcamp twice-weekly previously and walked the corniche almost every other day.  By my 5th summer in Kuwait, I had become very bad-tempered about the miserable heat, and as I am not the kind of person to go to a gym, I reluctantly did a week’s trial at a local Yoga Club in Bneid Al Gar near my work.
  1. I took out a subscription for the year having surprised myself at having enjoyed the trial week and starting to change my view about yoga realising its physical and mental benefits. I went to yoga almost daily as therapy to better manage work stress and being on my own in Kuwait with my family back in London and the Netherlands.
  1. I had started late at age 52 and was very inflexible and unfit. After a year of consistent dally effort I was able to just do a hip hang and back bend suspended in aerial yoga and survive a novice yoga flow class.  I had surprised myself, family, friends and colleagues with my consistency with daily yoga and some of the balance poses I could now more-or-less do.  My younger sister in the US has been especially pleased as she is a Yoga enthusiast of many years and had been encouraging her cynical older brother to take up yoga for many years.
  1. After a few months of yoga, I was starting to sleep better, becoming noticeably calmer at work according to colleagues, and feeling stronger and more ‘together’, and with less back pain. When my Yoga Club closed after a year in June 2019, I was at a loss and keenly wanted to continue with yoga.  I did the rounds at several clubs in Kuwait but opted to try AYP with Segunda Menon and her team and wider community.  I have now been with AYP for a year plus, and it has been working out well.
  1. In the beginning of my Yoga journey at AYP I was a bit taken aback by the more hard-core and disciplined yoga and exercise approach, a bit different from my previous gentler spa-like experience. After a month or two, I was able to get used to AYP and it became easy to come almost daily on my way from work in the city to my flat in Salmya.  This was a more real community environment with similar working people in Kuwait with more people of my own age, but far more experienced and adept in their Yoga practice.
  1. After a few months at AYP, I was feeling more settled into the routine and Segunda and her team and the rest of the AYP community made me feel welcome. The Instructors Anjali, Jitesh and of course Santosh are ever affable and very able.  Their creative counting in poses and balance of encouragement, correction and challenges are both endearing and entertaining, if sometimes we feel a momentary failure in sense of humour with some of the more challenging poses.  They are all skilled and I feel every session is worthwhile and a loss if missed.
  1. I can feel I am making slow steady progress and feel the benefits. I am still overweight though and some poses I am not strong enough (or young enough?) to do, but hopefully with consistency I will continue to progress slowly.  Doing something every day is better than doing nothing.
  1. When the Covid Pandemic came in March I was fortunate to be at home in London clearing leave, and I was not allowed to go back to Kuwait. However, I was very pleased and very impressed how Segunda and her team were able to continue the operation of AYP with on-line classes which have been a huge Godsend and blessing to so many of us in lockdown both in Kuwait and abroad as far as the UK and the USA.
  1. Segunda and her team have done a great job and clearly expended much effort to get AYP on-line to us over the last few months. Without the AYP on-line classes, many of us would be at a loss and our lockdown experience far less tolerable.  The online classes help give us structure and routine, exercise and instruction (many of us including myself cannot exercise without being told want o do), engagement and community, as well as all the health benefits of AYP practice. We owe Segunda and her team, Santosh, Anjali and Jitesh, a debt of gratitude for their skills and experience and how they have thrived with the on-line presence to our collective benefit.

AYP has made an opportunity out of the constraint and made a positive difference to all of us during this ongoing troubled period. I am sure we can all agree to convey a massive heartfelt thank you to Segunda and the team for giving us the opportunity to continue with AYP and feel the benefits mentally and physically when they are most needed.  Surely a community appreciation award